CMDR Orvidius's Exploration Ships

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Tensor Anomaly
(Beluga, Expedition Explorer)
Astronomia Nova (3.3) (3.2)
(Krait Mk.II, Endurance Explorer)
Copernicus Vision II
(Krait Phantom, [Proposed] Scouting Explorer)
Copernicus Vision (retired)
(Asp Explorer, Scouting Explorer)
Ultima Thule
(Python, Alternate Explorer)
Aristarchus Vision (mostly retired)
(Type-6 Transporter, General Explorer)
Hipparchus One (mostly retired)
(Anaconda, Long Range Explorer)
Hawking's Paradox (never used)
(Type-9 Heavy, Expedition Explorer)
Flying Brick (formerly Astronomia Nova, retired)
(Type-7 Transporter, Expedition Explorer)

Note: Roles and names sometimes get traded around, as configurations change.

Ship name ideas, not yet used (historical or scientific inspiration in most cases):
  • Heisenberg's Certainty (blocked by profanity filter)

  • Information Paradox

  • Hawking's Paradox

  • Sagan's Legacy

  • Ad Astra Sequor ("I follow to the stars")

  • Deus Ex Astra ("god from stars", blocked by profanity filter)

  • Transcendental Euclidean

  • Ptolemy's Folly

  • Forbidden Seas

  • Ultima Maria ("final seas")

  • Erebus Terror

  • Franklin's Revenge

  • Wayward Wanderer