CMDR Orvidius's Exploration Ships

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Glorious Dawn
[IGAU] Glorious Dawn
(Fortune Class Fleet Carrier)
Apex Epiphany XD-101
(Imperial Courier, Small Scouting Explorer)
Luminous Vision XD-107
(Krait Phantom, Solo/Scouting Explorer)
Elusive Discovery XD-1
retired 3304 config)
(Asp Explorer, Scouting Explorer)
Infinite Horizons XD-105
(Diamondback Explorer)
Noctilucent Nomad XD-108
(Imperial Clipper, General Explorer)
Copernican Principle XD-110
(Orca, Deep Space Explorer)
Paradoxical Paradigm XD-100
(Type-7 Transporter, Endurance Explorer)
STS Discovery OV-103
(my pythons are named after the space shuttles
Python, Endurance Explorer)
Vortex Anomaly XD-109
(Imperial Eagle, Minimal/Scouting Explorer)
Maelstrom XD-112
(Imperial Cutter, Luxury Explorer)
Hipparchus One XD-113
(Anaconda, Long Range Speed-Explorer)
(Cobra Mk.IV, Small Explorer)
Abyssal Radiance XD-114
(Dolphin, Small Explorer)
Wayward Wanderer XD-103
(Alliance Chieftain, Minimal Explorer)

Retired, Repurposed, or Mothballed:

Void Ascension 03C-DW (Mining Config)
(Type-9 Heavy, Expedition Explorer)
Aristarchus Vision XD-104 (mostly retired)
(Type-6 Transporter, General Explorer)

Note: Roles and names sometimes get traded around, as configurations change.

Ship name ideas, not yet used (historical or scientific inspiration in some cases):
  • Heisenberg's Certainty (blocked by profanity filter)

  • Information Paradox

  • Hawking's Paradox

  • Sagan's Legacy

  • Ad Astra Sequor ("I follow to the stars")

  • Deus Ex Astra ("god from stars", blocked by profanity filter)

  • Transcendental Euclidean

  • Ptolemy's Folly

  • Forbidden Seas

  • Ultima Maria ("final seas")

  • Erebus Terror

  • Franklin's Revenge

  • Wayward Wanderer

  • Wrong Ascension (parody of astronomical term "Right Ascension")

  • Anaxagoras

  • Infinite Destiny

  • Transcendent Radiance

  • Existential Assertion

  • Existential Truth

  • Anthropic Damnation

  • Wanderlust Destiny

  • Eternal Tranquility

  • Void Anomaly

  • Eternal Radiance